Your first impression is often your longest standing, so make it the best possible with an elegant door that encompasses both function and beauty. LONI Aluminum & Contracting helps to turn your house into a home that is comfortable, snug and secure with state-of-the art doors that combine exquisite style and exceptional strength.

Usually, a door is chosen exclusively because of its aesthetic qualities. Nonetheless, our doors feature a timeless and authentic design combined with modern practicality. Each door is manufactured with substantial structural upgrades to meet peak performance and security. Our wide selection of door styles and glass inserts are also available with options such as:

  • Fixed or venting sidelights – Sidelights can be inserted to add a regal look to any door. Sidelights can be used to mark the main entrance, or just to give any door a visual flare.
  • Transoms – Transoms are small windows located directly over doors to deck out any home in the classic Georgian look.
  • Metal Cladding – Cladding can be added onto doors further improve their resistance to harmful weather and to keep their maintenance low.
  • Glass inserts – Glass inserts make any door look exquisite. Glass can be stained into dazzling patterns, or simply frosted over. Even clear glass can add a sense of beauty to any door. Glass also offers protection, allowing you to see who is outside without opening the door.


At LONI Aluminum & Contracting we carry a full range of steel, vinyl, and wooden doors.  Our steel entryway doors and vinyl patio doors offer a sense of protection as well as glamour. Steel and vinyl are also energy efficient, and can reduce your bills considerably.

LONI Aluminum & Contracting ensures that you will be satisfied with your door by backing all products with a 25 year warranty. We also offer a quick quote form so you can easily find the door best for you. LONI offers solid reliable performance. LONI offers good prices. LONI offers the best.


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