Loni Aluminum & Contracting specializes in high-performance Regency windows. The Regency series are the latest in window innovation as they incorporate all the features of the highest quality windows, such as artistic design, state-of-the-art insulation, and unsurpassed quality. They are highly energy efficient as well, proven to cut your heating and cooling costs dramatically.

The Regency window is backed by 5 of the most innovative developments in window design.

Origin II PVC

Firstly, every Regency window is created with a core of Origin II PVC vinyl. This advance vinyl is very durable and maintenance-free material. The vinyl has a low thermal conductivity that ensures the window will never rot, peel, blister or deteriorate.


Secondly, Regency windows utilize IntegraWeld welding technology. This very advance form of fusion welding ensures that maximum strength is produced and that Regency window corners will never work loose, or leak air or water.


Thirdly, all Regeny windows are made with MasterFrame window frames. These high-end frames are developed with a beveled exterior that helps it accommodate various architectural styles.


Next; Regency windows are equipped with Maxxum33 steel sash reinforcement. The steel adds extra strength to the meeting rail to prevent damage during heavy winds.


And finally, double-hung Regency windows feature the CustomForce coil. This balancing system ensures smooth and easy sash opening and closing.

All of the technologies that make up the Regency windows along with the windows themselves are backed up by our limited lifetime warranty to provide you with years of worry-free comfort. Trust Loni Aluminum and Contracting when it comes to installing the highest quality windows in your home.


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